Promotional Jute Bags

Jute Bags are an environmentally friendly option to show your care for our planet and future generations.  They are made from the natural Jute plant which when processed is turned into very strong fibres.  Jute is an extremely hardy plant and is highly renewable, growing in all kinds of soils very quickly and is one of the most eco-friendly crops.  The advantage for us, is it can be turned into very strong and durable bags which last for a very long time and can be used over and over again.

Jute Bags are now available in many styles and sizes including Tote Bags, Drawstring Bags and Wine Bags.  We even have Jute Cooler Bags!

Our Branded Jute Bags have great decoration areas on both sides to print your logo in either single colours or full colour.

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Showing all 12 results