Promotional Tote Bags

Non Woven Tote Bags have evolved to become the most common and user friendly type of Tote Bag.  Extremely versatile and available in many different sizes and variations they are a default go-to whenever you need to carry ‘things’!  Our Promotional Non Woven Tote Bags come in a massive range of colours to go with every logo.  Branded Tote Bags are an excellent idea for your next event or trade show, every Bag you hand out becomes a moving billboard with your logo on it!  Tote Bags are a great idea for those who want high brand exposure because wherever that Bag goes, your logo goes too!

Our Non Woven Tote Bags are made from Polypropylene so cannot be classed as ‘environmentally friendly’, but are definitely are a far better option than the now banned single use plastic Bags, as Non Woven Bags are fully reusable and able to be used over and over again and therefore doing their bit to decrease what ends up in landfill.

Our Branded Non Woven Tote Bags have great decoration areas on both sides to print your logo in either single colours or full colour.

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Showing all 59 results