Top 5 Benefits of using Backpacks as a Marketing Tool

29 July 2022

Have you ever noticed how handy and useful Backpacks are?  Be assured you are not the only one!  Have you ever received one as a gift?  It was something that you really valued, wasn’t it!

Backpacks are a very popular and versatile Promotional Product and are one of those giveaways that you can be pretty sure your customer or client will have some use for somewhere.  You won’t be saying ‘I wonder whether they will use it though’.  In fact they might even use it every day!  Which is why we encourage companies to include Custom Branded Backpacks in their marketing strategy.

What are the 5 top benefits of Custom Branded Backpacks?

1. Usefulness

Backpacks can be used in many ways and many areas of your daily life.  Whether it is a Business Backpack that you use to take your Laptop and Business essentials to and from the office everyday or a School backpack that your child uses for their schoolwork etc. or a Sporting/Outdoor Backpack that you take on a Hike or to the Gym.

Backpacks also free up your hands for when you need to carry other items and spread the load over your whole torso.  Rather than wearing out your arms carrying items why not let your shoulders do the work!


2. Adaptability

Backpacks can be used for so many things. As they usually have a large zippered enclosure and are mainly made of a fabric material, they can fit some surprisingly large items and conform to the shape of some unusual product too.

The beauty of Backpacks is their large storage area, with the layout usually being a large storage compartment and multiple other pockets and compartments etc.  This means that you can use them not just for one area of your life but adapt it for whatever you are doing or needing to carry right now.


3. Depth of range and options

Backpacks come in a massive range of styles and colours as well as fabric construction.  From a simple and price friendly Backsack right up to a tough as nails heavy duty PVC Backpack and everything in between, the range is massive.

You can customize or select a particular style of Backpack to suit your target audience, whether it is your customer base or your staff.  This means it will have a longer impact and is likely to be fit for purpose.  Therefore it is likely to last in your target audiences’ possession for a very long time.


4. Large Branding area and branding options

Have a difficult logo that doesn’t work on many products?  No problem, Custom Branded Backpacks could well be your solution.  With Promotional Backpacks a large branding area is a given.  Our Backpacks are specially designed with branding of your logo in mind so a large flat surface and internal access is built into the design of the Backpack for an optimum branding area.  This then turns the Backpack into a walking billboard.  What better way to get you company name ‘out there’!

Due to the large flat surface mentioned above we can decorate your chosen Promotional Backpack with many different methods.  Depending on the style of Backpack, these can include screen print, embroidery, supacolour print, supaetch, supaflex, supasub and transfer print.  Also depending on the style, many designs often have a 2nd or 3rd additional branding area is you have a slogan or would like to include a 2nd logo etc.


5. Budget friendly

As there are many different styles of Backpacks available, they can suit all budgets and events.  From just a few dollars right up to a high quality brand name Backpack in the hundreds of dollars there are Backpacks for everyone.

Backpacks also have a high perceived value so whatever style Promotional Backpack your budget can afford, it is likely to be appreciated valued by the recipient.